Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

6611 Country Club Middle School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    10/15/2008  08:25 AM

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Recording Secretary:    Niesha Mack-Freeman

Location of meeting:    CCMS Media Center

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  09/15/2008


Members Present:

Bueno, Jose (Principal)
Conroy, Denise (Union Steward)
Belkin, Linda (Teacher)
Covone, Gina (Teacher)
Hildenbrand, Susan (Teacher)
House, Karen (Teacher)
Mack-Freeman, Niesha (Teacher)
Gil, Gustavo (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
Mesa, Ivonne (Educational Support Employee)

Cartwright, Judy (Parent)

Hobson, Annmarie (Parent)

Darhi-Cabezas, Diana (Student)

Rodriguez, Orlando (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Excused):

Pino, Marisol (Alternate Educational Support)
Chacon, Wanda (Parent)
Gonzalez, Haylen (Parent)
Mongbeh, Faye (Parent)
Reinhart-Incera, Cynthia (Parent)
George, Mathew (Alternate Student)
Freeman, Adrian (Business/Community Representative)
Giron, Gloria (Alternate Parent)

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

No one else was present.

Topics Covered:

The meeting was called to order by Ms. Belkin.

There was a discussion of the A+ plan report submitted by the subcommittee. Attendees received a copy of the proposal, and Ms. Conroy explained it. From the total amount allocated to the school, a percentage was first removed as mandated for the retirement fund. It was pointed out that this was non-recurring money and will not be added to the salary amount. The career specialist on the report was highlighted; this was because he is at CCMS part time and at Lawton Chiles part time. The amount to be allocated to him is still under discussion and will be shared in some manner with Lawton Chiles since he will receive monies from that school, too. After all the allocations, a small amount of $685 (and perhaps the $400 shown as allocated to the career specialist) has been set aside for special activities.

Mr. Bueno explained that the achievement of the school grade is due to the partnership of the parents, the students, and the teachers, and this would not be forgotten. For instance, promises were made to students last year regarding incentives if the school grade was raised, and the school is taking those promises seriously. The first event promised will be happening on 10/23/08, and the field trip has now been scheduled for 1/16/09 with only a very minimal fee charged to students.

Ms. Conroy brought up the idea that it might be problematic if individuals new to CCMS this year vote on the proposal at the faculty meeting. Instead, she suggested that it could be announced at the start of the meeting that only those who were here last year would vote, and she explained that this was done at other schools in the past. Mr. Bueno stated that he would have to have staff research the legality of this issue. Ms. Conroy read through the instructions and could find no mention of exactly who was to vote. Ms. Boyd stated that, as a teacher new to CCMS this year, she did not see the need to vote. Ms. Covone stated she thought it should be up to the individual person. Mr. Gil suggested that the matter should be explained and give everyone the choice. After some discussion, it was decided that Ms. Conroy would waive the UTD time allotted her at the start of the faculty meeting, and Mr. Bueno would the process and the voting. If persons new to CCMS this year did not want to vote, they would be allowed to leave at that point.

A question also arose regarding whether all part-time employees needed to be present to vote since many would have already ended their work shifts by the time of the faculty meeting. It was determined that only those people who attend the faculty meeting this afternoon would be voting on the proposal.

Other concerns were addressed regarding the proposal. Ms. Boyd voiced concerns regarding how the allocation amounts had been computed for full time and part time employees. (For instance, part time amounts were not half of the full time amounts.) Ms. Conroy pointed out that the committee did not examine the actual hours worked, and some part time employees might work more hours than others and, thus, their allocated amounts would also be greater. However, they did examine allocation plans that had been used in the past by other schools and tweaked these to come up with the plan under discussion. Mr. Bueno also stated that the amounts should be examined in light of the total salary amount of the individual. For instance, instructional staff would receive somewhere around 2 to 3 times their daily rate, so other office staff should not be making 6 to 10 times their daily rate.

A passing vote on this proposal needs to be 50% plus one. If it goes down to defeat, the committee will need to reconvene and address the proposal once again. Another EESAC meeting has already been scheduled to allow the vote on a new recommendation if necessary. If the deadline for an approved allocation is not met, then only current instructional staff will receive a share of the monies.

Ms. Lebena suggested that the committee be introduced at the faculty meeting so everyone understands that the recommendation was not the work of just one person but, instead, the work of a group of people representing all departments in the school.

Ms. Boyd wondered why there was only one option suggested. Mr. Bueno responded that it is too difficult to reach consensus if there are too many options available.

Upon completion of the discussion on the committee’s recommendation, Mr. Bueno moved to accept the proposal as presented so it can be presented to the faculty later today. Ms. Conroy seconded. A vote was taken, and 9 EESAC members presented voted in favor of this; it passed.
Mr. Bueno stated that he would still research who must vote since there are approximately 30 new faculty members this year.

Ms. Conroy moved to adjourn the meeting; this was seconded by Ms. Covone. The meeting was adjourned.