Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

6611 Country Club Middle School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    12/15/2009  04:40 PM

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Recording Secretary:    Mr. Guillermo Ramos

Location of meeting:    Country Club Middle School - Conference Room

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  12/07/2009


Members Present:

Bueno, Jose (Principal)
Conroy, Denise (Union Steward)
Belkin, Linda (Teacher)
Covone, Gina (Teacher)
Gil, Gustavo (Teacher)
Martin, Melissa (Teacher)
Ramos, Guillermo (Teacher)
House, Karen (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
Mesa, Ivonne (Educational Support Employee)
Pino, Marisol (Alternate Educational Support)
Cartwright, Judy (Parent)
Georges, Meloni (Parent)
Mercado, Nidia (Parent)
Perez, Jesus (Parent)
Uz, Miriam (Parent)
Zuniga, Oneida (Parent)
Rizo, Alex (Alternate Parent)
Nino, Maria (Student)
Bido, Ricardo (Alternate Student)
Suarez, Gabriela (Alternate Student)
Gonzalez, Diana (Business/Community Representative)
Rodriguez, Orlando (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Excused):

No one had an excused absence.

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

No one else was present.

Topics Covered:

EESAC Minutes - December 15, 2009

The 5th EESAC Meeting of the 2009-2010 school year commenced on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 4:40 pm by EESAC Chair Ms. Linda Belkin. Mr. Ramos read the minutes from the last meeting. Mr. Bueno made a motion to approve the minutes and Ms. Gonzalez second the motion and the minutes were approved. Mr. Bueno then made a financial request from the EESAC committee. Mr.Bueno requested no more than $500.00 of the original $2,999.99 amount that has been set aside for purchasing of FCAT snacks for students to be allocated for the interims testing incentives for more students to be able to attend the VIP Lunch. This amount, again not to exceed $500.00 from the original $2,999.99 that has been set aside, were to go particularly to provide the VIP lunch for those FCAT Level I and II students that show a 10% or more learning gain between the fall and winter interim assessments. After deliberation and clarification between parents and the administration that the FCAT Level III,IV and V students that continued to maintain mastery in the interim assessments would also be invited to the VIP lunch, a motion was done by Ms. Covone to approve using no more than $500.00 from the $2,999.99 to use for the VIP lunch for FCAT Level I and II students. Mr.Uz second the motion and the approval of using the funds was confirmed. The next item on the agenda presented by Ms. Belkin was fulfilling the composition and procedural requirement waiver to be in compliance with the new School Board Rule. Ms. Belkin stated we are not in compliance because the school needs one more business/community representative. Ms. Lebena explained that the school is in communication with several potential business representatives, including Papa Leony's Pizzeria and Kiddie Academy, Inc. of Miami Lakes. The school plans to be in compliance by the next meeting to fulfill the minimal composition, however the waiver deadline is January 6, 2010. Furthermore, Ms. Covone made the motion to approve the waiver and Mr. Ramos second the motion. An explanation was made that the students were taking the winter interim assessments this week for Reading, Mathematics and Science. The data of the winter interim assessments would be used for the mid-year review process in January as part of the School Improvement Plan. Also, winter packets were going home to the students before the break so they can continue to practice strategies and concepts learned. Finally, Mr. Bueno mentioned that all students had attended FCAT Data Chats with him through the Social Studies classes for the last three weeks and students were given their FCAT Report Card with the FCAT scores, learning gains information and other data so that the students can understand what they need to do to have learning gains when they take the FCAT exam. Future data chats are also being planned with the parents in the evening to explain in further details the same information that was given to the students, regarding developmental scores, learning gains and important data as well as the incentives for the students to achieve. Ms. Covone then made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Uz second the motion. The next meeting will be in mid-January.