Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

6611 Country Club Middle School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    05/03/2011  04:00 PM

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Recording Secretary:    Mr. Guillermo Ramos

Location of meeting:    Country Club Middle School Media Center

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  04/21/2011


Members Present:

Fernandez, Jose (Principal)
Conroy, Denise (Union Steward)
Belkin, Linda (Teacher)
Covone, Gina (Teacher)
Gil, Gustavo (Teacher)
Martin, Melissa (Teacher)
Ramos, Guillermo (Teacher)
Lobato, Rolando (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
Mercado, Nidia (Educational Support Employee)
Pino, Marisol (Alternate Educational Support)
Cartwright, Judy (Parent)
Orta, Daniela (Parent)
Perez, Jesus (Parent)
Rizo, Alex (Parent)
Uz, Jose (Parent)
Uz, Miriam (Parent)
Cardeso, Cindy (Alternate Parent)
Uz, Carlos (Student)
Gonzalez, Adriana (Alternate Student)
Gonzalez, Diana (Business/Community Representative)
Rodriguez, Orlando (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Excused):

No one had an excused absence.

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

No one else was present.

Topics Covered:

EESAC Meeting – May 3, 2011
The last EESAC meeting of the 2010-2011 school year commenced on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 4:04 pm by Ms. Linda Belkin. The first item on the agenda was the review and approval of last meetings’ minutes. Mr. Ramos read the minutes and then Ms. Leon motioned to approve the minutes and Ms. Covone second the motion and the minutes were approved. The second item on the agenda was the review of the current EESAC by-laws for the school. For next school year (2011-2012), minor changes were discussed and recommended by chair Ms. Belkin and the EESAC members. Amongst the changes were the requirement to serve on the EESAC board (EESAC composition) changing from 4 teachers to 5. Also, the meeting dates requirement would be changed from monthly to a minimum of 5 meetings a year, although a call for other meetings, such as an emergency meeting or meeting to decide and vote on something can still be called. Ms. Covone then did a motion to accept the changes and Ms. Leon second the motion and the motion was approved. The necessary changes and paperwork will now be completed to ensure these changes approved by the EESAC board are effective for the 2011-2012 school year. The remainder part of the EESAC meeting was the department chairpersons reviewing the School Improvement Plan goals met for the 2010-2011 school year and presenting their recommendations for the 2011-2012 School Improvement Plan. First, in Mathematics, the issue was there was not enough time to cover all the strategies in time for the interim testing. The use of manipulatives worked well this year. Amongst the recommendations for mathematics for next school year include more exploration of activities, such as vocabulary and background building ones. For Reading and Language Arts, Ms. Belkin and Ms. Vinas outlined some recommendations for the 2011-2012 School Improvement Plan that include a school-wide homeroom activity to support FCAT integration across the curriculum, a universal strategy initiative and one or two benchmarks for the month. Another recommendation is to have a Literacy Team in place with members from across the entire curriculum and having responsibilities, such as Accelerated Reader and developing key graphic organizers and strategies. In Science, Ms. Spicer first reviewed the two goals set in the students achieving proficiency particularly in scientific thinking and higher order thinking skills through the use of frequent lab activities and visits. In evaluating the Science component in the School Improvement Plan and setting the goals for the 2011-2012 school year, a continuation of the above mentioned strategies and activities will continue alongside having a permanent computer lab room, pulling out students for intervention and supplemental instruction, having a lab assistant position available and implementing the new Next Generation Sunshine State Standards with professional development trainings and other resources. As the meeting came to the end, parent board member, Mr. Uz, brought up concerns involving poor vocabulary usage of students. As a remedy to solve this problem, the recommendations mentioned by the Language Arts and Reading departments, such as the Literacy Team and cross-curricular approach and more reading integration through Accelerated Reader, articulation and building upon enrichment will all be used in the 2011-2012 school year to address these deficiencies. Ms. Lebena reiterated that all these recommendations for the 2011-2012 School Improvement Plan are all tentative and depending on the FCAT scores and school grade. Final thank you’s of gratitude was given to all, especially , Mr. Uz, for being our parent representative for the last two years and Mr. Uz thanked all EESAC board members for their professionalism, hard work and continuous fine education provided to the students of Country Club Middle School. Ms. Knight motioned to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Vinas second the motion and the meeting concluded at 4:30 pm.