Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

6611 Country Club Middle School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    01/20/2017  12:15 PM

Please contact the school for a formatted hard copy of these minutes.

Recording Secretary:    Josmeen Stephen

Location of meeting:    Room 64

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  01/13/2017


Members Present:

Prado, Cynthia (Principal)
Karan-Miyar, Duysevi (Teacher)
Leon, Michelle (Teacher)
Pino, Marisol (Alternate Educational Support)
Blanco, Caridad (Parent)
Brown, Latasha (Parent)
Certain, Jason (Student)
Aviles, Miya (Alternate Student)

Members Absent (Excused):

Villazon, Jacqueline (Alternate Principal)
Heras, Alejandro (Union Steward)
Cannon, Claudette (Teacher)
Martin, Myra (Teacher)
Stephen, Josmeen (Teacher)
Coffee Curry, Nicole (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
Javed, Elba (Educational Support Employee)
DeLeon de Cardenas, Maria (Parent)
Hernandez, Deniret (Parent)
Jabali, Tumaini (Parent)
Rodriguez, Jorge (Parent)
Rodriguez, Lizbet (Parent)
Gonzalez, Natalie (Alternate Parent)
Boudreaux, Tessa (Business/Community Representative)
Garcia, Maria (Business/Community Representative)
Rodriguez, Evelyn (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

Gina Garo - Student

Topics Covered:

Meeting called to order at 12:17 pm

Miyar begins by welcoming all attendees.

New Business - Miyar
School Recognition Money - Plan A (85% - Instructional/15% Non-Instructional) was voted for by the staff.
Blanco motions to approve the plan. Leon seconds the motion. Motion was carried unanimously. Motion is now approved.

Principal's Update

EESAC needs more student involvement. The goal is to have two students per grade level.
EESAC - Next year, we would only need one community representative to ensure a quorum.
This year, we will be having an Eighth grade promotional ceremony on Friday, June 9th. A color will be chosen for all 8th graders to wear.

Miyar motioned to adjourn and Leon second the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 12:39 pm