Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

7071 Coral Gables Senior High School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    02/02/2009  02:50 PM

Please contact the school for a formatted hard copy of these minutes.

Recording Secretary:    Paula Munnerlyn

Location of meeting:    Coral Gables Senior High Media Center

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  01/08/2009


Members Present:

Gans, Jo Anne D (Principal)
Blackmon, Daniel (Union Steward)
Hofmann, Stephanie (Teacher)
Hyatt, Iris (Teacher)
Munnerlyn, Paula (Teacher)
Rodriguez, Carmen (Teacher)
Gonzalez, Richard (Educational Support Employee)
Jackson, Gail (Parent)
Ordonez, Ebet (Parent)
Watson, Sharon (Parent)
Torres, Oliver (Student)
Zoller, Christopher (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Excused):

Cazanas, Alexis (Adult/Vocational Principal)
Otero, Josephine (Alternate Principal)
Albalate, Eulalia (Teacher)
Furnari, Sherry (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
Zequeira, Otto (Teacher)
Zeitel, Nina (Alternate Student)Student)
Betancur, Judith (Adult/Vocational
Reitsma, Joan (Business/Community Representative)
Riera, Manuel (Business/Community Representative)
Lowman, Mike (Adult/Vocational Teacher)
Yanes, Silvia (Alternate Educational Support)
Dickson, Pamela (Parent)
Fors, Ana (Parent)
Mendoza, Carlos (Parent)
Flores, Maria (Alternate Parent)
Garcia, Miriam (Alternate Parent)
San Roman, Irma (Alternate Parent)
Sachse, Lynne (Alternate Parent)
Waters, Chloe (Student)

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

Tracie McCullough
Dr. Nestor Diaz

Topics Covered:

The Coral Gables senior High School EESAC meeting was called to order by Chairperson Stephanie Hofmann at 2:50 pm. A quorum was established. Introductions were made by all present. The minutes from the January 12th meeting were reviewed and accepted. The agenda was issued.

I. Presentation of the final SIP Mid-Year Review- The report was orally given by Dr. Nestor Diaz, Assistant Principal Of Curriculum. Dr. Diaz reviewed the corrections that were made to the rough draft. The ESSAC approved the report; Hyatt motioned and Blackmon seconded. There was not unreadiness, the motion passed unanimously.

II. Revised Budget – There is roughly $1000 in funds previously allocated to operate the activity bus, and Principal Gans requested EESAC to approve moving this money to tutoring (Math). Principal Gans predicts there will be no rollover money and suggested that all left over money be spent, or we risk losing it. Ms. Rodriquez made the motion to approve the redirection of EESAC funds with any left over funds to be spent at the principal’s discretion; Mr. Zoller seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

III. 2009-10 Uniform Policy- Is Gables going to continue with the present uniform policy for the next school year? Much discussion ensued on how to promote the policy. More discussion ensued on how to enforce the uniform policy and how to deal with uniform violations. Many felt that 1st period teachers should more aggressively enforce the policy. After much discussion, Ms. Hofmann asked if the EESAC was in agreement to continue with the present uniform policy for the upcoming school year. Mr. Torres, student representative, felt the policy should be modified and questioned when the EESAC was given the consideration to make the decision instead of the student body. Principal Gans answered: “two years ago.” Ms. Jackson recommended there be a uniform policy for teachers. After more discussion, the EESAC agreed with consensus to continue the uniform policy, as is, for students. Both Mr. Torres and Mrs. Ordonez, parent representative, disagreed on specific parts of the uniform guidelines.

IV. Informal sharing-The Miami-Dade County Public Schools 2008-09 Lottery Fund-Where Does the Money Go? This document was shared by Principal Gans with EESAC.

Open Forum - None

Adjournment-3:28 pm
Next meeting March 9, 2009