Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

7071 Coral Gables Senior High School

Verified EESAC Meeting Minutes for:    06/23/2003  02:35 PM

Please contact the school for a formatted hard copy of these minutes.

Recording Secretary:    Mabel Melton

Location of meeting:    Coral Gables Senior High Media Center

Was a quorum established?    Yes

Was the meeting advertised?    Yes,  06/11/2003


Members Present:

Munnerlyn, Paula (Union Steward)

Hofmann, Stephanie (Teacher)
Rodriguez, Carmen (Teacher)

Rosen, Camille (Teacher)
Schneider, Hans (Teacher)

Lowman, Mike (Adult/Vocational Teacher)
Sowers, Milagros (Educational Support Employee)
Cater, Eve (Parent)
Collette, Fran (Parent)
Khanuja, Mintu (Parent)

Nasher, Anna (Alternate Parent)
Olszack, Sue (Alternate Parent)
Pina, Maria del Carmen (Adult/Vocational Student)
Reitsma, Joan (Business/Community Representative)

Members Absent (Excused):

Martinez, Alex (Principal)
Pullum, Fred (Adult/Vocational Principal)
Gans, JoAnne (Alternate Principal)
Camille, Isabelle (Teacher)
Roller, George (Teacher)
Elejalde, Tony (Alternate Parent)
McGonigal, Michelle (Alternate Parent)
Schultz, Laura (Alternate Parent)
Torrens, Melody (Alternate Parent)
Ulvert, Liesy (Alternate Parent)
Trujillo, Gaby (Student)
Alcoba, Juliet (Alternate Student)
Perez, Ludysbel (Adult/Vocational Student)
Lewis, Sandy (Business/Community Representative)
Zoller, Christopher
Zabaleta, Ignacio (Parent)
(Business/Community Representative)

O'Kane, Marlyn (Alternate Teacher/Paraprofessional)
DiGiacomo, Donna (Alternate Educational Support)
Perez, Marlene (Parent)
Slingbaum, Cookie (Parent)
Perez, Marlene (Parent)
Slingbaum, Cookie (Parent)
Brennan, Eileen (Alternate Parent)
Chandler, Joanie (Alternate Parent)

Members Absent (Unexcused):

No one had an unexcused absence.

Others Present:

Evonne Alvarez
Mabel Melton
Sherry Furnari

Topics Covered:

The Coral Gables Senior High School EESAC special meeting was called to order at 2:35 pm on June 23, 2003, by Stephanie Hofmann, EESAC Chairman.

A quorum was established. Ms. Hofmann introduced the new PTSA President 2003-2004, Mabel Melton. The minutes of the previous meeting were presented and approved with the following change:
* Dr. Martinez will fund the mannequins and plagiarism program.
Fran Collette made a motion to re-direct the $3,200 dollars EESAC had previously approved to pay for IB summer extended writing class, and to allocate these funds to pay for the text books for all grade levels. UTD representative Paula Munnerlyn made a motion to accept Ms. Collette's motion. Joan Reisma seconded Ms. Munnerlyn's motion. Vote was unanimous.

Ms. Evonne Alvarez, AP for Curriculum, reported the administration is working on the final draft of the honor code and further advised that due to fear of disclosure and confidentiality issues students would not be involved in the punitive process. Some members expressed their disagreement, further stating "it is wrong not to involve the students in the whole process because kids respect peer perspective," further discussion continued.

A motion to adjourn was made by Eve Cater, seconded by Anna Nasher. Meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.