Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

0041 Air Base Elementary School


School Name Air Base Elementary School Location # 0041  

The bylaws for this school were last modified on Dec. 07, 2015.

The bylaws are as follows:

I. Purpose
The purpose of the Air Base K-8 Center Educational
Excellence School Advisory Council is to work together to ensure
improved student achievement. One of the ways the Council will do
this is by preparing and evaluating the School Improvement
Plan as required by Section 229.591, F.S., which addresses the
following Blueprint 2000 Goals:

Blueprint 2000 Goals:
1. Readiness to start school 5. School safety
2. Graduation rates 6. Teachers and staff
3. Student performance 7. Adult literacy
4. Learning environment 8. Parental involvement

MDCPS Strategic Planning Goals
1. Early Intervention 5. Learning environment
2. Student achievement 6. Safe schools
3. Reading/Language Arts 7. Professional staff
4. Bilingualism 8. Community partnerships

II. Government and the Sunshine Law
The government and the Sunshine Law of 1967 apply to the
Educational Excellence School Advisory Council. The Sunshine Law
applies to any gathering of two or more members of the EESAC to
discuss some matter which will foreseeably come before the
Educational Excellence School Advisory Council for action.

III. Council Members
A. Composition
The Air Base Educational Excellence School Advisory Council
shall be made up of a minimum of:
Five teachers with one alternate
Seven Parents with one alternate
One student with one alternate
One Educational Support employee with one
One UTD designated steward
Three Business/Community representative
The Principal and/or other administrator

With the exception of the administrators,business/community
representative, and the UTD Steward, all other members
shall be elected by their constituent groups. Teachers,
parents, students and educational support employees shall
also elect an alternative representative. The Council will
be representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic,
disabled, and economic community served by Air Base
K-8 Center.

B. Eligibility
All teachers, student services personnel and the media
specialist employed by the school are eligible to be
elected teacher representatives to the Council. All other
persons employed by the school, including paraprofessionals
and those who are not defined as instructional or
administrative personnel and whose duties require twenty or
more hours in each normal working week are eligible to be
elected Educational Support Employee Representatives. All
parents, guardians or significant others responsible for a
child enrolled at Air Base K-8 Center are eligible
to be elected as Parent Representatives, with the
exception of those parents who are employed by Air Base
K-8 Center.

C. Terms
Elections will be held to fill vacancies on an as-needed
basis except for the Designated Steward, the Principal and
the Business/Community representative.

D. Responsibilities
Council members are expected to:
1. Attend all regular and special meetings. Any
member who has two consecutive unexcused absences
from Council meetings should be considered
to have resigned. The member shall be
replaced following election/selection
procedures as stated in these bylaws.
2. Communicate with constituents to collect data and
opinions for decision making.
3. Report to constituents the actions taken by the
4. Consider the needs of all the students when
making decisions.

IV. Election Process
All interested persons and potential candidates meeting criteria
of Article III(B) are eligible to run for office. Adequate notice
of a first meeting will be supplied at the school site. The school
shall give proper notice of the election of Council members in
accordance with Florida's Government in the Sunshine Law. The
school shall also make its best effort to hold elections for each
constituent group during hours that are convenient for each
constituent group.

V. Meetings
A. Regular Meetings
The regular meetings of the Council will be scheduled once
a month, except for December and June. All
meetings shall be held at a time that is convenient to
parents, students, teachers, and business/community
B. Cancellations
A regular Council meeting may be canceled by the
Council providing a 5 day advance notice.
C. Special Meetings
In the event that a special meeting is required, the
Principal, Chairperson(s), or a majority of the
Council members may call a meeting. The SIP
Committee will convene as needed to meet deadlines
for the production or review of the School Improvement Plan.

D. General
All meetings shall be open to the public and shall
not be held in any facility of locations which
discriminates on the basis of sex, age, race, creed,
color, origin, disability, or economic status or which
operate in such a manner as to unreasonably restrict access
to such a facility.

VI. Quorum
In order for the council to conduct business, a quorum of "half
plus one" must be present. The quorum must include both teacher
and parent representatives.

VII. Agenda
A. Chairperson/Co-Chair Responsibilites
The Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will prepare and
distribute the agenda for all regular and special
The agenda shall be posted, in addition to, e-mailed to all
EESAC members no less than five working days prior to the meeting date.

B. Adding to the agenda
1. Council members may add items to any regular
meeting agenda by contacting the Chairperson at
least three days in advance.
2. Non-Council members may propose an agenda item by
submitting a written proposal to a council member
for review 5 business days prior to the next to
scheduled meeting.

3. The agenda may be amended at the meeting by a
majority vote.
4. All proposals for EESAC must be submitted in

VIII. Consensus Decision Making
The primary method of decision making shall be by consensus. If
consensus cannot be reached, an item will pass by a 2/3

IX. Minutes
Written minutes of each regular and special meeting shall be kept
by the Secretary as an open, permanent record of the avtivities of
the Council. The minutes shall include the names of those in
attendance and any actions take by the Council. The minutes shall
be approved at the next regular meeting of the Council, and an
official copy kept on file at the Air Base K-8 Center
Office. Two copies shall be kept on file: one with the
Chairperson(s) and one with the Principal or alternative
administrator. In addition, a copy of the minutes of every meeting
will be provided electronically to the District.

X. Input from non-Council members
Those who are in attendance of the Council meetings shall be
provided an opportunity to discuss EESAC related issues under
consideration in the following manner:
1. Discussion of agenda items will occur at the end
of the meeting.
2. There will be a three minute limit per person to
address the Council.

XI. Sub-Committees
Committees will be established as needed to facilitate the mission
of the council.

XII. Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote
of the membership of the Educational Excellence School Advisory
Council, provided that at least 5 working days written notice of
the proposed change has been given to all members of the Council.