Educational Excellence
School Advisory Council

3381 Miami Springs Elementary School


School Name Miami Springs Elementary School Location # 3381  

The bylaws for this school were last modified on Apr. 06, 2011.

The bylaws are as follows:

Miami Springs Elementary School – EESAC Bylaws
The purpose of the Miami Springs Elementary School Educational Excellence School Advisory Council is to work to ensure improved student achievement. The EESAC should advise the principal in development of the school’s budget. One of the ways the Council will do this is by preparing and evaluating the school improvement plan as required by Section 229.591, F.S., Comprehensive Revision of Florida’s System of School Improvement and Education Accountability.


1. Composition
The Miami Springs Elementary School Council shall be made up of 5 teachers, 6 parents, 1 student, 1 education support employee, 2 business/community representatives, the UTD steward and the principal. With the exception of the principal, the business/community representatives, and the UTD Steward, all other members shall be elected by their constituent groups. Teachers, parents, students, and education support employees shall also elect an alternate representative. The alternate for the UTD steward shall be the union elected alternate. The Council will be representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled, and economic community served by Miami Springs Elementary School. The teachers elected to the Council must be representative of different grade levels, specifically Pre-kindergarten through second grade and third through fifth grade.

2. Eligibility
All teachers, student services personnel, and the media specialist employed by the school are eligible to be elected teacher representatives to the Council. All other persons employed by the school, including paraprofessionals, and those who are not defined an instructional or administrative personnel and whose duties require 20 or more hours in each normal working week are eligible to be elected as the education support employee representative. All parents, guardians, or significant others responsible for a child enrolled in Miami Springs Elementary School are eligible to be elected as parent representatives, with the exception of those parents who are also employed by Miami Springs Elementary School.

3. Terms
The terms of office for all members shall be two years. In the case of parent members, the terms of office shall be two years or until the child is no longer enrolled at our school, whichever is less. The council members shall elect a chairperson of the council every two years at the last meeting of the year whose term shall commune at the beginning of the following year. In event of a vacancy in the chairmanship, the council shall elect a temporary chair to serve until the end of the current year. If any member is unable to complete their term, new elections shall take place. The student representative will serve a one-year term.

4. Responsibilities
Council members are expected to:
a. Attend all regular and special meetings
b. Communicate with constituents to collect data and opinions for decision making,
c. Report to constituents the actions taken by the Council
d. Consider the needs of all students when making decisions, and
e. Participate in the Council’s sub-committees as needed
f. Alternate members are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings

5. Unexcused Absences
Any member who has five absences during their two year term from council meetings shall be considered to have resigned. Any member who has two consecutive unexcused absences from council meetings shall be considered to have resigned. For the purpose of this paragraph, an excused absence shall be considered any absence which has been announced/reported to the EESAC chair or principal. The member shall be replaced following election/selection procedures as stated in these bylaws.

The school shall give proper notice of the election of council member in accordance with the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law. The school shall also make its best effort to hold elections for each constituent group during hours that are convenient for each constituent group.


1. Regular Meetings
All meetings shall be held at a time that is convenient to parents, students, teachers, and business/community representatives. A minimum of five meetings of the Council will be held throughout the year. At least one of those meetings will be held during evening hours. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. The EESAC Chair will notify members of change of date a minimum of five business days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

2. Special Meetings
In the event a special meeting is needed, the principal, Chair, or a majority of Council members may call a meeting.

3. Cancellation
The principal, Chair, or a majority of Council members, may cancel a regular Council meeting with appropriate notice to be provided a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled meeting.

4. All meetings shall be open to the public.

In order for the Council to conduct business, a quorum of fifty one percent of the members must be present. The quorum must include both teacher and parent representatives.

1. The Chair shall prepare and distribute a tentative agenda three days prior for all regular meetings and special meetings.
2. All EESAC members must receive at least three days advance notice in writing of any matter that is scheduled to come before the Council for a vote.

The primary method of decision-making shall be by consensus.

Written minutes of each regular and special meeting shall be kept as an open, permanent record of the activities of the Council. The minutes shall include the names of those in attendance and any actions taken by the Council. The minutes shall be approved at the next regular meeting of the Council, and an official copy kept on file in the principal’s office. The recording secretary will be appointed by the principal or Chair.

Those who are in attendance at the Council meetings shall be provided an opportunity to discuss issues under consideration in the following manner:

1. A person wishing to be heard must notify the Chair at least 24 hours prior to the meeting at which they are requesting to speak and shall be provided an opportunity to discuss issues under consideration.

2. A person must be recognized by the Chair to address the Council under “Open Forum” and will be permitted 2 minutes to discuss issues related to EESAC.

Committees shall be established at the beginning of the school year to carry out the needs as established by the Council, ensuring balanced participation.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the membership of Educational Excellence School Advisory Council, provided that at least 5 working days written notice of the proposed change has been given to all members of the Council.