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EESAC (Minutes, bylaws, roster)

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The Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC) is the sole body responsible for final decision making at the school relating to the implementation of the components of the School Performance Excellence Plan.  The EESAC's function is to bring together all stakeholders and involve them in an authentic role in decisions which affect instruction and the delivery of programs.

Membership Requirements

  • Must be composed of the principal, teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and business/community representatives.

  • Must be representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled, and economic community served by the school.

  • Must have a majority of members who do not work at the school.

  • ESE must be represented.

  • LEP parents should be included when possible.

  • PTA/PTSA representative may be a named member.

  • Adult/vocational programs must be represented.

Selection of EESAC Members

  • Teachers elect teachers.

  • Parents elect parents.

  • Students elect students.

  • Educational support employees elect educational support employee.

  • Principal appoints business/community representative -- to ensure council diversity.

  • Principal and UTD designated steward are automatic members.

Office of Performance Improvement
Division of School Quality Improvement   
Ms. Anne Thompson, Coordinator     E-Mail   
(305) 995-1801

Office of Labor Relations
Ms. Diana Urbizu, District Director    E-Mail
(305) 995-2908

UTD Educational and Professional Issues
Ms. Merri Mann, Assistant to the President   E-Mail
(305) 854-0220

Florida Department of Education, Office of School Improvement
Ms. Angelia Turner, Region V School Improvement Facilitator    E-Mail
(850) 414-9897

Florida Department of Education, Office of School Improvement
Ms. Margaret Ronald, Region V School Improvement Facilitator    E-Mail
(850) 414-9887

Guidelines for the Establishment of Educational Excellence School Advisory Councils (6Gx13- 1B-1.031)

Consejos Efectivos de Asesoria Escolar para la Excelencia Educativa, Mejores Prácticas y Procedimientos

Efektif Komite Konséy Lekói yo pou Ekselans nan Edikasyon, Pibon Pratick e Pwosesis

Effective Educational Excellence School Advisory Councils, Best Practices and Procedures


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